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Computer Aided Engineering and Design (CAE/CAD)
Many designers have a minimal experience base upon which to assess the vibroacoustic qualities of their designs.   All too often, we receive a call following the discovery of a noise problem in a project that is at or near completion.  While we often become involved with projects at this point, it is not the most cost effective approach. Sometimes, at this late stage in the project there may be no engineering solutions that fit within cost, weight, and space constraints. In this event, no one is happy.

This kind of problem is routinely avoided by including realistic noise and vibration level targets among the design objectives.  We can review and comment on the noise control treatments shown in your drawings and data.  We can provide unique designs for your project that achieve stated objectives at minimal cost to the customer.  We can work with your CAD data to add the detail necessary to achieve project goals.

Inventions for Hire

If a readily available solution required for meeting your needs is not available, we'll invent one. 

For example, one of our clients required exhaust silencers for a set of 1300 hp marine diesel engines in a luxury motor yacht.  As such, excellent low noise characteristics were required.  As is often the case, there was insufficient space available for effective conventional exhaust silencers.

We responded with a silencer design that achieves superior noise reduction in a very small volume.   It also includes an inlet, outlet and water drain arrangement designed to optimize its placement in the engine room, minimizing the space allocated to exhaust treatment. 

This design was so successful, it has since become the standard at one of Italy's premier yacht builders.

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J&A provides a wide array of design services to ensure that noise and vibration goals are met. We are experienced in the full assortment of noise and vibration solutions.   Whether it's a flexibly mounted propulsion package or an annoying air handler, we provide the designs to make them quiet.

If it must be quiet ..... we'll design it!