J & A Enterprises, Inc.
Noise and Vibration Control Engineers

16 Broadway
Salem, MA 01970
01 + 978-741-1551
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The degree of success a project has achieved is judged with measurements of various kinds. Determination of compliance with noise and vibration specifications requires precision instrumentation and engineers skilled in its use.  J&A brings both to your project.

J&A Enterprises owns and maintains equipment for measuring, recording, and analyzing sound and vibration. The inventory includes sound level meters, precision microphone systems, accelerometers, instrumentation tape recorders, a community noise analyzer, and dual channel real time spectrum analyzers. We have sound and vibration sources, hot wire anemometers and temperature probes for various diagnostic testing.

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Whatever your requirements, we can put qualified engineers with precision instrumentation on your site to evaluate the full spectrum of noise and vibration issues.   We service clients worldwide. 

You call us ... we'll call our travel agent.